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Bid No. Project Name Time Contactor
17601107Bid for Technical personnel service provider of credit information project for SHCIS2019/12/17Bao Qi
18312120Bid of Procurement and installation of Temporary Equipment for Shanghai Grand Opera House2019/12/13Zhang Yinchong
17201219172012192019/12/13Zheng HongMin
182008LNBid for Procurement of Tableware in the North canteen of Handan Campus for Fu Dan University2019/12/13Feng Luyan
163365C8Bid of Geological Survey and Geophysical Exploration of the Seismic Monitoring Experimental Site of Yongsheng School of Civil Engineering, Tongji UniversityGolden Bay, Chenghai-Binchuan Fault for2019/12/11Xu Di
182008LJBid for Procurement of Millimeter wave test system upgrade equipment for Fu Dan University2019/12/10Feng Luyan
182008LPBid for Procurement of foreign trade agency service for Fu Dan University2019/12/10Wang Xiao
19101229Bid of service of integrated cabling in 2019-2021 for SPDBCCC2019/12/10Yu Beiqiong
14401535世博村J地块商务办公楼项目窗帘采购2019/12/10Li Lizao
17602675Bid of Hongqiao T2 Terminal C Island Self-service Luggage Checking Project of Hongqiao Airport for Hongqiao International Airport2019/12/10Bao Qi
163365CBBid for GPU server of School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University2019/12/9Xu Di
19100612Bid of Construction for Fire Fighting of Pudong Science and Technology Park2019/12/9Zhao Lili
19202701Bid for Procurement of cleaning service for underground garage of Changfeng No.11 public green space for Shanghai Changfeng Eco Business District Investment Development Co., Ltd.2019/12/9Han Jun
19100614Bid of Service for Property of Pudong Science and Technology Park2019/12/6Zhao Lili
19100613Bid of Service for Security of Pudong Science and Technology Park2019/12/5Zhao Lili
17602679Bid of Luggage sorting and other regional video surveillance supplements in T1 and T2 terminal buildings for Hongqiao International Airport2019/12/3Bao Qi
17602666Bid of T2 Background Equipment Renewal Project (Phase 3) for Hongqiao International Airport2019/12/3Bao Qi
19402302上海博物馆文物保护基地(局部)安全能级提升工程2019/12/2Pei Bingke
19401201上海烟草浦东科技创新园区建设项目(南地块)装修工程(包件三)2019/12/1Zhang Yi
163365C3Bid of Steam generator for Shanghai Ground Transportation Wind Tunnel Center2019/11/28Xu Di
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