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SITC Received A Certificate From The World Bank


     Recently, Jin Xiang, the general manager of Shanghai International Tendering Co., Ltd., received a certificate and a thank you letter from the World Bank, proving and thanking the company for having actively participated in a new round of evaluation surveys conducted by the World Bank on China's business environment.

     The World Bank's "Business Environment Report 2020" shows that China has ranked among the top 10 economies in the world for the most improved business environment for two consecutive years, and has continued to improve significantly in the overall ranking of this round of surveys-from 46 last year It rose to 31st, ranking 7th in the East Asia Pacific region, behind Japan.

     China's business environment mainly monitors Beijing and Shanghai. The statistical weight of Shanghai is 55%. Shanghai International Tendering Co., Ltd., as one of the leading companies in the industry and a sample of business environment surveys, has actively responded to the government ’s decision to deepen the “decentralization of service” reform, and has accurately understood and strictly implemented the relevant countries during the operation of bidding procurement projects A series of policies and regulations related to optimizing the business environment issued by this city, and in this round of the World Bank's new round of optimizing the business environment evaluation survey, more than 70 scientific, objective and accurate answers to the six aspects of the evaluation questionnaire The issue has made a positive contribution to the significant improvement in the business environment of China and Shanghai in the World Bank evaluation rankings.


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